Membership Applications

As a reminder, new member applications are due by 5pm on Sunday, September 18th.

KDP is an international honors society in education that provides its members with opportunities for professional development, community service, social growth, fundraising experience, and much more. Some of the events that KDP membership includes are:

  • Mock interviews with current principals
  • Resume workshops
  • Online teaching portfolio workshops
  • Principal, teacher, and intern panels
  • Discounted admittance to the annual I Am a Teacher Expo
  • Tutoring local Lansing and East Lansing Students
  • Social activities such as bowling, cookie socials, and many more

In order to be a member of KDP, you must be at least of sophomore standing at MSU and have at least a 3.35 GPA. Applicants who do not fit these criteria will not be admitted to the organization.

Freshman who are not yet at sophomore standing are eldigible for the Friends of KDP program. Essentially this program lets freshman students be part of KDP their first year without paying dues or actually being initiated into the honors society.

If you are a current member of KDP and you refer a friend to our organization, you will receive a promotional point for your time and dedication to KDP.

For questions regarding the application process or Friends of KDP, please email our President, Skylar Corey, at

Hope to see you soon!



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