First Annual KDP Formal

KDP will be having its first annual formal on the Riverboat on November 3, 2016 from 8pm to Midnight. This is a private event where the boat will be rented out for the entire night. Tickets are $30 each or 2 tickets for $55. Notes on tickets and guests are below.*

Money is due to 134 Erickson by 5pm on November 1st. Money should be put in an envelope labeled “KDP Formal” with the member’s name, number of tickets, and total amount of money written on it. You may also pay using VENMO if you prefer. Our user name is KDPatMSU. You must pay the correct amount to our username with a note of your name and how many tickets you are purchasing. This will let us know who you are so that we can allocate points accordingly.

To sign up for the formal, sign up here. Keep in mind that just because your name is on this document does not mean you are confirmed for the event. You have to pay in full for your tickets before you are confirmed for the event.

Because this event has a cash bar that can be utilized by attendees over 21, please sign up for a car pool here. If you do not sign up for a car pool, you must arrange a ride back via a cab, uber, or another means of transportation. KDP DOES NOT endorse drinking and driving.

Please contact our Vice President of Fundraising, Shannon Williams, at

*KDP MEMBERS, please keep in mind that you are allowed to bring as many of your guests (friends, family, etc.) as are willing to pay. The more the merrier! Tickets will be priced accordingly: 1 ticket for $30, 2 tickets for $55, 3 tickets for $30+$55= $85, 4 tickets for $55+$55=$110, etc.


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