Kappa Delta Pi at Michigan State University

7th Annual “I Am a Teacher Expo” at Michigan State


The 7th Annual Kappa Delta Pi’s I Am a Teacher Expo is right around the corner!

Expo is our largest professional development event of the year! It is an all day conference that brings in teachers and professionals in the field of education to present breakout sessions to members of KDP as well as students in the College of Education. The day begins with a keynote speaker and includes four breakout sessions of 50 minutes each. All five sessions, as well as a lunch, are included in the registration fee.

Our breakout sessions will span far and wide and include as many majors, minors, and topics in education that we can fit in! You will be able to choose between each available breakout session to tailor the day to your interests and major to make the most of your time spent with us. Expo truly is an amazing way to gain first-hand experience with professional development, as well as spend a fun day out with your education friends!

If you know any teachers, faculty, educators, or professors that you think would make a great presenter at Expo, send them this link for them to sign up! We need to spread the word far and wide to get a large group of presenters together!


Keep checking back for more information as we get closer! Expo is set for March 24th in Erickson Hall.