Mentor Mentee Program

Being a member of KDP also means being part of our mentor mentee program.  The goal of this program is to connect members of similar degrees, one new member and one previous member of KDP.  This program serves as a valuable resource to new members, both in understanding KDP, and knowing what to expect as you get to your Junior or Senior year.

The mentor menthe program is a mandatory yet beneficial aspect of earning Kappa Delta Pi status.  You are required to meet with your mentor/mentee at least three times after the initial meeting.  Of course, you are free to meet with your mentor/mentee more than three times, as they can be a valuable resource to help your success as an education major.

You need 3 Mentor/Mentee write-ups about your interaction with your partner (different from regular write-ups) to reach KDP status. Remember to include a picture with your write up with you and your partner during your interaction.

Please email with any additional questions you may have regarding this program!

Sign up using the attachment below:


The opinions and comments expressed via this electronic forum do not necessarily reflect the views of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education.


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