Event Write Up

In order to reach the “Kappa Delta Pi” bracket level of completions, you must write at least 4 write-ups! You can write write-ups about any of the events you attend: general meetings, professional development events, fundraising events, and mentor/mentee meet-ups. If you wish to gain additional points to reach the required 30 points, you can write additional write-ups.

In order to complete the mentor/mentee program you must submit at least 3 write-ups about your meetings with your mentor/mentee, and a picture MUST be included for it to count.

Pictures are highly encouraged but not necessary to receive the point. Please take pictures of member’s faces and members taking part in the events (not just of the setting or food). Please feel free to add your suggestions about events and the E-board will try to make changes to the program.

Please submit your write-ups to kdpwriteups@gmail.com and save them in the format of LastName_EventName. An example of this would be Corey_SeptemberGeneralMeeting.

Thank you!



The opinions and comments expressed via this electronic forum do not necessarily reflect the views of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education.


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